A lockdown exhibition for Ross and South Herefordshire

Is lockdown getting you down? Then why not get creative? 

Whether you are a child or an adult, a seasoned artist or have never created anything before, you are invited to pick up that pen or paintbrush, get out your craft tools, use your camera or your gardening tools, and find inspiration from our wonderful town or its surrounding countryside, its people or its churches, your home or your garden. Express yourself in any way you choose and share it here.

We are collecting poetry, short stories, sound recordings, photographs, or photos of your pictures, sculptures, handicrafts, woodwork, garden or anything else you have created.  The only criteria is that you created or completed it during lockdown.

Whenever a new piece is collected it will be added to this virtual exhibition.

There is also the opportunity for visitors to the exhibition to make a donation, and if you wish, youo are asked to name a charity of your choice when you upload your exhibit.

At the end of lockdown, we are planning to bring our virtual exhibition to life in St Mary’s Church and are hoping to work with other Ross organisations to display some of the work around the town. We want this to be a community effort supporting the things locals care about.

So have fun and get creating!